Awards, rewards, and other incentives

EdTech & Organizational Learning Meetup

Wednesday, 17 November 2021, 6.00 PM - 8.00 PM

In this meetup, we’ll look at awards, rewards, and other incentives in learning. How can you use them to motivate learners? And how do you make sure the incentives you’re offering align with the actions you want learners to take?


Edubadges: Digital Certificates to Recognize Student Achievement
Aswin van Oijen, Associate Professor of Strategy and Head of the Management Department, Tilburg School of Economics and Management.

Edubadges are digital certificates that allow students to demonstrate that they have acquired particular knowledge and skills. Edubadges can be shared via social media such as LinkedIn, for example with potential employers and other schools. At Tilburg School of Economics and Management, we have piloted the use of edubadges in our course on strategy consulting. In the talk, we will share our experiences. Specifically, we go into the use and advantages of edubadges, as well as some of the obstacles in implementing them.



Relative Performance Information (RPI) – How social comparison can enhance or decrease learning performance
Philip Autenrieth, Scientific Project Manager, International Performance Research Institute

RPI shows students their performance compared to the performance of other students. This is done through rankings or averages. Through social comparison, this mechanism works without explicit incentives. Decisive mechanisms of action are whether RPI is offered publicly or privately or what influence the composition of the comparison group has on the performance-changing effects. However, the effects of RPI are as diverse as its forms. In the talk, we present our findings on the different mechanisms of RPI and show how they can be used in education.



Motivation in Gaming and Learning – How incentives influence engagement and learning success
Lotta Krickel, Game Designer and consultant, Actionbound

Gamification has us playing everywhere. Educators, trainers, teachers try to use gaming techniques to keep learners engaged. One of the key elements that are being used to keep fun and motivation up are incentives, such as points, badges, high scores, awards, and so on.
But how do incentives actually work and how do they influence the players (or learners) brain regarding learning success and engagement? How can we make incentives more attractive to players? And when should we waive incentives all together? Lotta Krickel (Actionbound) gives ideas and suggestions in her talk.


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Limited to 20 on-site participants.
We will meet at the Frankfurt School AI Lab, floor 4, tower A, Adickesallee 32-34, Frankfurt.

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