Get more out of your continuing education. With strategic training management.

Managing a strategically well-planned continuing education requires time and resources that you most likely do not have. Our job is to break down the complexity of your learning processes as well as align the training objectives with your business strategy. Only then can the crucial skills be built that will lead your company to success.

We offer an end-to-end outsourcing service for the planning, organisation and management of your organisation’s learning and purposeful development.

eMTS Modules

Our service adapts to you in a completely flexible way! Whether you want to outsource all or part of your organisational learning activities, you can choose the modules and services to best meet your needs.

Advisory and project services

Is your company struggling to measure the ROI of your learning initiatives? We help you align learning goals with your broader business strategy from the start so that you can measure impact. Our advisory services are designed to help you create a concrete organisational learning plan aimed at measuring ROI and impact.

Oursourcing preparation
Learning alignment
Personalised workshop

Learning content

We help you procure content and maintain your content portfolio. We’ll advise you on formats, providers, certification categories, testing requirements, and whether to make or buy. We’ll help you find the best content to fit your needs!

Content portfolio management
Standard and individual content from efiport and Frankfurt School
Content procurement and vendor management
Curriculum design and company-specific course recommendations


Learning delivery

We handle the day-to-day activities around the implementation and maintenance of your continuing education offer and organise the learning experience for your learners. Get the most out of your LMS and make sure learners are informed about learning opportunities and deadlines. We work to understand your training needs and identify opportunities to expand talent development.

Learner administration and support
LMS administration and configuration
Governance and quality assurance
Rollouts, campaigns, assessments, and surveys

Analytics and benchmarking

Do you struggle to measure the business impact of your learning initiatives? Our analytics module offers insight into what’s working and what’s not, and recommends optimisation measures. We give you metrics and comprehensive reports so that you can show the ROI of your learning initiatives.

Learning metrics
Benchmarks and analysis
Standard and custom reports
Optimisation recommendations


Is organisational learning a drain on your time and resources?

Break the cycle of:

  • Reactivation of organisational curricula
  • High workload
  • Little clarity on impact
Our Value Proposition

Help your employees master their jobs.


Know what’s working and calculate your ROI.


Align learning with business strategy.

We understand how it feels not to have enough time and resources to think strategically about organisational learning. You shouldn’t have to compromise on the growth opportunities you give your employees.

We accompany and advise our customers on their path to exceptional organisational learning, with all of our experience, expertise and passion. We work to make learning in digital spaces a sustainable success for a new generation of learners.

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