Meet the new efiport
Our new logo

We couldn’t be happier to share our new logo with you as part of the continual evolution of our company brand. Our new logo strikes a balance between a strong connection to our parent company, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, and establishing our own unique identity in our branding.

Why did we change?

In recognition of the strong relationship between Frankfurt School and efiport, the new logo deliberately mirrors the Frankfurt School “F”, and celebrates in its look and feel our place in the Frankfurt School family. Furthermore, the similarity to a currency represents our strong connection to the finance world, which we aim to continue developing.

Our new logo integrates our focus on organisational learning and educational technologies with our slogan: everything education needs. In fact, efiport’s approach to education as a business solution affords our products and services a shared identity.

Our hope is to communicate the strengths we share with our parent company, while also establishing our own unique identity, focused around organisational learning across digital spaces.

What does efiport stand for?

We offer tools and services designed to break down the complexity of a learning process and equip employees with the right skills and learning opportunities through strategic organisational learning.

Our goal is to accompany and advise our customers on their learning path, and offer them all our experience, expertise and passion in doing so.

We work to make learning in digital spaces a sustainable success for new and old generations of learners.

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