The potential of EdTech
It’s time to explore the potential of EdTech

There’s no doubt that keeping employees skills up-to-date is vital for success. HR leaders rated “building critical skills and competencies” as their top priority in 2020. With COVID-19 driving the switch to remote working and learning, the situation is ripe for innovation. EdTech is rushing to fill the gap.

Education Technology, or EdTech, refers to new technology in the classroom. It enables scalable, individualised learning experiences, improves student outcomes, reduces the teaching burden, and helps measure the impact.

That said, implementing it well can prove difficult. Learning & Development professionals have to consider quality, expense, learner experience, business needs, and any new tool’s compatibility with their existing IT landscape. Now, with nearly half of employees working remotely, companies face the added challenge of integrating both on- and off-site participants in business and learning events.

More and more, they’re turning to hybrid solutions that offer both online and on-site access to meetings, conferences, and seminars. Likewise, hybrid learning allows participants to join the same class or training event, either remotely or on-site.

Do you want to know how EdTech can take your company’s learning to the next level?

We’ve set about exploring how to create hybrid experiences in the EdTech & Organisational Learning Meetup and we’ve come up with some creative solutions for you to try out.

The Meetup is a series of hybrid events on the topic of organisational learning and development augmented by technology. We’ll guide you through the EdTech landscape and give you the opportunity to experiment with new tools first-hand. In turn, we gain the opportunity to learn together with you!

  • Onboarding with EdTech: What is onboarding and how can tech be tech used to support it?
  • Customer in EdTech: Who is the customer and what problems do they need to solve?
  • Technology for HigherEd and Corporate Learning: What tech is available? What was used but failed? What could work? What could work?
  • Compatibility in EdTech: What is the best fit for what kind of user/learner (corporate, academic, or otherwise)?
Experience it for yourself:
  • Meet EdTech providers and exchange with other professionals
  • Experiment with learning platforms and tools
  • Learn to create a seamless hybrid learning experience

Join us either on campus or virtually. Together, we can explore how EdTech can create enhanced, hybrid learning experiences. Together, we can explore how EdTech can create enhanced, hybrid learning experiences.

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